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Want to buy original handmade gifts and products? Then this is the place! We host the best of British Craft. At Craft Village, you can shop local and support small businesses by popping into your local online Craft Village. If you want to explore more, you could pay a virtual visit to any of the Craft Villages around the country.
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Sellers support each other in the selling community


Our aim is to build community and support local businesses. Our sellers have the opportunity to get together and support each other through Facebook groups, and through organised meet ups and business support events. There are no sponsored sellers here and everyone's listings have fair exposure. We work together to help each other succeed.
We help to connect small businesses with their local buyers and connect local business owners .

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Don't Search.....Browse!

How can you know what you are looking for when you don't know what's out there. Don't count on a search to provide you with the perfect 'gift for a friend'. Visit, browse, and enjoy the fun of discovery. We won't tell you what to buy and push sponsored listings onto your screen while you are here. No adverts, no directed selling!
So enjoy a leisurely visit to one of our Craft Villages - you never know what you might find.

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Connect with your Sellers

We're a friendly bunch. Message a seller if you are looking for something specific. As all our products are handmade and designed by the sellers, many items can be customised.
If the sale is local, sellers may offer personal delivery or allow you to come and collect. This saves on delivery costs and its great to get to know your community.
Follow your favourite UK craft sellers - leave reviews for any purchases and pop back often to see what's new.

Sellers are grouped into local Craft Villages. They sell through their own branded store and you visit their store pages just as you would shop if you were visiting a Craft Village. This is not a global or nationwide database of competing sellers, but communities of local small business owners.

Its easy to sign up and get selling. If you are not tech savvy, we have the support available to help you get online. 

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