• Find unique, personalised and one of a kind items made by your local makers.
  • Browse your sellers’ shops in the same way you would enjoy a shop around a craft village – no adverts, no sponsored sellers or products, just a leisurely shopping experience.
  • Our customer review system, means you can buy with confidence from our verified sellers.
  • Follow your favourite sellers, so you can find them easily next time and see what’s new.
  • Build your local economy and help small businesses grow.
  • We do not charge commision on sales so you can trust that the sellers recieve all the profit from your purchase.

Although online shopping has its appeal (convenience, speed etc), in the world of craft and handmade, online selling platforms have lost some of the charm of the cottage industry and craft market. Global and national websites offer an overwhelm of products and choice.

It is Craft Village’s goal and main aim to make your online Craft shopping more like a trip to a traditional Craft Village or market. Wander round, have a browse, enjoy and discover. See what’s local to you, then go and visit somewhere completely new. Follow the stores you love and add the things you find to your favourites – even better, add them to your basket and make a small business owners day!! 

We believe in shopping local and supporting local communities. We help you to find amazing products made by local craft sellers. We also help local business to connect with each other: building community, friendships and business growth – an altogether happy solution.

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