We operate a site wide refund policy to ensure that our buyers consumer rights are protected according to the Consumer Rights Act which states that every product sold should meet the following three criteria

  1. Satisfactory quality – the product should not be faulty or damaged, and of satisfactory quality.
  2. Fit for purpose – you should be able to use it for the purpose it was supplied for.
  3. As described – the product must match the description and photos shown at time of purchase.

If  a purchase falls short of meeting these criteria then the buyer should contact the seller to communicate with them and resolve the problem. You can do this by going to the orders tab in your account, finding the order and opening an order enquiry which the seller will respond to. The seller may offer replacement, refund or partial refund in line with the policy laid out below in accordance with consumer rights.

The buyer has the right to cancel their purchase for a full refund from the moment the order is placed, until 14 days after it is delivered. This is the cooling off period and is the reason payments are not released to sellers for 14 days. When returning the product, the buyer is responsible for the return postage. If the product is bespoke or custom and of no worth for resale the buyer does not have the same cancellation rights unless it is faulty.

The buyer has the right to reject their purchase in the first 30 days after purchase if it doesn’t meet any of the three criteria above. The seller can offer a replacement, but the buyer has the right to request a full refund. When a buyer returns items because they do not meet the three criteria of the Consumer Rights Act, the seller should refund standard delivery costs. The buyer also has the right to return goods that develop a fault up to 6 months after receipt and may be entitled to full or partial refund, repair or replacement.

If a time frame was agreed at purchase (eg stated in the listing or communicated to the buyer) and the seller fails to meet the delivery date stated, the buyer has a right to a full refund. The sellers will try to communicate any delays, but legally the buyer has a right to demand a refund. If there is no time frame stated, the product must be delivered within 30 days or the seller has a right to request a refund. The seller is responsible for the product during delivery until it arrives with the buyer. If it gets lost, damaged or delayed, the seller will need to resolve the problem.

All items returned to the seller for refund, must be refunded within 14 days of receipt from the buyer.

The seller is responsible for any refund. As Craft Village manages payments on behalf of the sellers, while funds are still with us, we will process the refund. Any refunds agreed after this time will be processed by the individual sellers.

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