• Your own branded online store to sell unlimited listings of your handmade work.
  • Your own store web address to direct your customers to.
  • Low membership fees (see below).
  • No listing fees.
  • No commission.
  • All you pay is the PayPal payment handling fees.
  • Distraction free store – no adverts or other sellers products are displayed on your page –  making sure your customers stay your customers.
  • A local Facebook group to get to know the other sellers in your area. A place to share info about local events and opportunities and generally support each other in business.
  • Craft Village Highlights facebook group where you can promote your Craft Village listings.

craft village?

If ever there was a time that an online selling route was needed – its now.  But selling online loses some of the appeal of the cottage industry and for small handmade businesses it can be a challenge to be discovered on large national and global selling websites.

This can lead to many hours spent worrying about SEO, perfect titles and search algorithms. For most small creative businesses this is daunting, and time consuming. We believe that there is a better way to sell online without having to compete with the whole country, (or world!) to be seen. As sellers are grouped into local Craft Villages, you no longer have to stress about being found in searches and can easily be found and become known by shoppers in your area.

Having a store on Craft Village means you have your own webpage to direct customers to, where you can sell commission free. We only charge an annual membership fee to cover our costs, which means you will get the full payment for every sale you make (minus the PayPal processing fees), making this a profitable platform to host your online store. We do not have sponsored sellers or products here and your store page is not used to advertise other sellers’ products. Your customers are your customers.

Community is our main aim. We help to connect small businesses with their local buyers and connect business owners with other like minded people: building community, friendships and businesses – an altogether happy solution.

Special offer to all new sellers
First year of membership for only £10


£ 25 Yearly
  • Your own online store
  • Unlimited free listings
  • Commission free sales. You only pay PayPal's small handling fee.
  • Local Facebook Group for sellers in your area.
  • Welcome pack with all the info you need to start selling
First year £10


£ 50
  • This support is available for anyone who feels they need extra help getting online
  • Assisted shop setup and listing of up to 10 products 
  • Future product listing support can be purchased if ongoing help is needed at a price of £20.00 for 10 listings

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