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Whether you’re prepping for a flawless self tan or you’re looking for silky soft skin – free from dry patches The BM&Y Body Trio is the perfect collection for you!

Take your pick. BM&Y present you with 3 different methods to scrub up and polish away unwanted dry skin.

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What you get:
• 1 x Vegan friendly, Bamboo Dry Body Brush
• 1 x Loofah
• 2 x Sisal scrubs

Why you’ll love this collection:
You choose! Each of the 3 BM&Y body scrubs included in this collection will:
• Unclog pores and prevent ingrown hairs
• Increase moisturizer absorption
• Keep your skin feeling silky smooth

The BM&Y Body Trio Collection is 100% natural, vegan friendly, plastic free and reusable.
What’s not to love!

How to use:
Body Brush: Use dry. Start at the soles of your feet and legs, brushing upwards towards your heart in short, firm strokes. (Not suitable for use on the face or sensitive areas)
Loofah: Dampen loofah with warm water, use with your favourite soap bar to create a giant ball of lathery body wash and gently scrub
Sisal scrub: Place your favourite soap into the bag and use to shower, bath, shave or wash hands as normal. When finished, hang up your sisal bag with the soap inside allowing your soap to dry quicker and last longer.

Effective, Sustainable, Kind:
Between Me and You believe “Sustainable Luxury needn’t cost the planet.” Our products are:
Sustainable – without compromising quality, experience, or style.
Reusable – helping you to reduce environmental waste
Plastic Free – even down to our compostable delivery bags
Cruelty free and vegan friendly

Product Specification:
• Sisal Soap Saver: width 9 cm x length 14 cm
• Dry Body Brush: diameter 9 cm x height 6cm
• Loofah: width 10 cm x length 14 cm

All items are: Durable, Eco-Friendly, Plastic Free


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