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Dry Body Brush ~ Bamboo and Sisal ~ Vegan ~ Eco-Friendly ~ Sustainable


Looking for healthier brighter looking skin?
Well, Between Me & You have the perfect solution, and our vegan friendly Sisal Dry Body Brush.

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What you get:
1 x Bamboo – Sisal Bristle – Vegan friendly dry body brush

Why you’ll love this collection:

• The BM&Y Bamboo – Sisal Bristle – Dry Body Brush has a multitude of health benefits:
• Improves and stimulates circulation
• Exfoliates dead skin cells
• Enhances the absorption of body creams and serums
• Helps to reduce cellulite dimples and tone wobbly bits
• Can help to reduce stress

You won’t believe how good your skin will feel – after just one use!

How to use:

Use on DRY skin, the BM&Y Body brush takes just a few minutes each day and is a simple step to add to your existing skincare & beauty routine. Simply:

• Slip your fingers through the rope and firmly hold the ergonomic handle
• Starting at your feet, brush in circular motions – working your way up the body.
• Repeat this action over legs, chest, arms and back

NOTE: Avoid brushing sensitive areas, neck and face. (We recommend using the BM&Y reusable makeup remover pads for gentle facial exfoliation and cleansing)

Product Specification:
Dry Body Brush:
Diameter 9 cm x height 6cm
Vegan friendly sisal bristles
Bamboo wood handles
Durable, Eco-Friendly, Plastic Free

Effective, Sustainable, Kind:
• Between Me and You believe “Sustainable Luxury needn’t cost the planet.” Our products are:
• Sustainable – without compromising quality, experience, or style.
• Reusable – helping you to reduce environmental waste
• Plastic Free – even down to our compostable delivery bags
• Cruelty free and vegan friendly


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