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4 Gardener’s Dibbers £10 each

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Dibber 1 (main photo) – £10 This dibber has markings to show a depth of 1”, 2” and 3” which is useful when planting bulbs.  This dibber is 24cm long

Dibber 2 (left hand photo) -£10 This dibber has grooves to assist with grip if hands are wet or when wearing gloves.  This dibber is 20cm long

Dibber 3 (right hand photo) – £10 This dibber is made from a darker wood and has grooves to enable thumb and fingers to sit nicely assisting grip. This dibber is 20cm long

Dibber 4 (bottom photo) -£10 This dibber is a little chunkier, made for a larger hand. This dibber is 22cm long and also has indentations to aid grip. 


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