Handmade Jewellery Mystery Box


Mystery Box of Handmade Jewellery items with a balie of between £25-£50! Lovingly designed and created in the heart of Ulster, Northern Ireland.

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We are so excited to launch our new Jewelry & Accessory Mystery Box!
Inside each prepacked box you will find between 3-5 items with a combined valued of between £25-£40! Items are from past stock, current products and even some sneak peak unseen future projects!
For example this sweet little box includes a bracelet, earrings and a keycharm!
Please note, boxes are lovingly prepacked and sealed, therefore no alterations or requests for specific items can be made.
If you have a preference, please leave details if you would like an ‘All Gold’ or ‘All Silver’ box. Or leave blank for a random box with a possible mix of both.


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