Handmade watermelon soap slice


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2 slices of watermelon scented soap slices 

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This soap weighs roughly 100g per pack. Each pack domes with 2 slices of watermelon scented soap! Great for getting those hands clean! And can also be used on the body! 

ingredients: soap base – aqua(25 – 50%), glycerin(25 – 50%), sodium stearate(10-25%), sorbitol(10-25%), sodium laurate(5-10%), sodium laureth sulphate(1-5%), prolene glycol(5-10%), sodium chloride(1-5%), titanium dioxide(0.1-0.5%), stearic acid(0.1-0.5%), lauric acid(0.1-0.5%), pentasodium pentetate(<0.1%), tetrasodium etidronate <0.1%. scents: watermelon essence(1%).


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