Large Stag Canvas Tote Bag


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Large Tote Shopping Bag featuring a large Stag

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Large country themed Stag Tote Bag

This beautiful stag bag is strong enough and large enough to carry your shopping items or large enough to hold towels for the beach. The bag is large and can be carried at your side

I have made it  using canvas and hessian material both for strength. The back part of the bag is fully hessian whereas the front is canvas and the bottom is hessian

                                                 It measures approx  19″ long

                                                                                       14.5″ wide

                                                Straps measure approx 13″ to be carried by your side 

The bag is lined with a canvas material featuring stags and  has an internal pocket for your keys

Please check the measurements prior to purchase to avoid disappointment (photo shows a book next to it to show the size ->not inc with the bag

Colours may vary due to photographic image 


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