Sterling silver band ring with brass spiral


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Patinated sterling silver band ring with brass spiral

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This sterling silver band ring has been textured and then patinated and polished to give it a bit of black silver look. It has twisted brass wire as a decorative accent. This ring is UK size Q 1/2 but as it is an open ring, the size can be slightly adjusted to fit on the finger perfectly.

As this ring is below hallmarking requirement it only has 925 (sterling silver) and my Maker’s Mark (mark registered with Assay Office) stamps.

“It is a legal requirement to hallmark all articles consisting of gold, silver,
platinum, or palladium (subject to certain exemptions) if they are to be described and marketed as such. The exemption weight is based on the precious metal content only, which means it excludes, for example, the weight of diamonds, gemstones, etc. Anything over the following metal weights would need to be hallmarked:

Platinum 0.5 grams
Gold 1.0 gram
Palladium 1.0 gram
Silver 7.78 grams”


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