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Adding your store's shipping settings

In your seller dashboard in the settings tab, you will see settings for shipping. It is really important that these are set. Failing to set up shipping correctly will confuse buyers and could lose sales. By default – free shipping is an option which may not be something you would choose. This tutorial should help you to easily get your shipping set so you can start listing.

These settings are store wide default settings and will apply to every product that you list. If you normally sell cards and then list a handmade table – that could be problematic 😊 Shipping settings can be overridden at a product level when you make a listing. Its best to set these settings to suit the majority of your products. When you have a product that requires different shipping to apply, add those shipping settings to the product listing.

  1. Enable Shipping
  2. Set your default processing time – the time it takes to get an order ready for collection / dispatch. This will obviously depend on whether the product is in stock or made to order. 
  3. Select shipping type – store level shipping.

Shipping Rules

  • Decide on your default shipping price. This will be the starting shipping price for each product.
    Offering free shipping will convert to more sales and you can factor in shipping costs to your product price. For free shipping, leave this space blank.
    If you want to charge shipping then keep charges as low as possible. It is also good to state your shipping charges in your product descriptions and your store info so that there are no surprises at the checkout that could lose you the sale.

The next 2 rules deal with multiple product orders and tell the system what to add on. Try and keep it simple and reasonable. For example – If a person buys 3 necklaces you can put shipping discounts in place, or just leave this blank if it wouldn’t really change the cost of the shipping. Consider the products you sell and the impact on the shipping price.

  • How much will you charge for additional products? 
    If you have one set charge no matter how many different products a buyer purchases from you, then leave this blank. When you set this price, the buyer will be charged this additional price on top of the default  shipping for each additional different product they purchase. Multiples are covered in the next step.
    i.e. Someone buys 3 different products from you – cue happy dancing 😊
    Product 1 – shipping cost is the default price.
    Product 2 – shipping is charged at this reduced amount.
    Product 3 – shipping is also charged at this reduced amount.
  • How much will you charge for multiples of the same product?
    If a buyer purchases more than one of the same product this reduced price will be added onto the default shipping price for each additional item.
    i.e. someone buys 4 of one product. The first product is charged the standard shipping price, then this amount will be added on X3 for the additional 3 items.
  • Do you want to set a spend figure that will qualify for free shipping? 
    If you do, be sure to tell your customers about it in your product descriptions and your store info to encourage shopping e.g. Spend over £30 to get free shipping.
    Free shipping will be given to anyone whose order amount is more than the figure you specify here. If this isn’t something you want to offer, leave this field blank. Don’t add £0 as this will set free shipping.
  • Will you allow local collection? 
    Offering collection to locals is a great way to build up a customer base. They save on postage and you get to see their reaction to your product- win, win. Make sure your address is set right in your store settings. There is an option to add a charge for collection if you choose, but free is friendlier 😊

All Done!! Remember to SAVE!

These are your default settings and will be applied to all your products. If you need to change this for a particular product, you can set product specific shipping settings when you list a product which will override the default store settings.

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