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Your buyer will automatically be sent an email when you change the status of the order from processing to completed but there may be times when you need to communicate more with your buyer.

If you need to send them a message or ask for more information about the order. This is done through order notes.

Notes – 
When you view an order in the orders tab of the vendor dashboard, towards the bottom of the page you have the option to add a note to that order. This can be a private note to yourself about the order, or you can add a note to the buyer using the toggle which will then be emailed to the buyer. This is one way communication and replies wont be listed here. Two way communication between sellers and buyers can only be initiated by the buyer. They can choose to contact you in two ways. Normally if it is a pre-sales question it will come as a Question. If it is an after-sales question it will come as an Order Enquiry.

Questions –
In your shop page heading and on every product you list there is a button where buyers can ask a question. You will get an email notification if you get a question and you just need to go to your dashboard to answer. Follow up quickly as these questions often lead to sales.

You can see how many questions you have to answer by the number indicated at the top of your dashboard on the question board icon. Click on the icon to open your question board and you will see a list of messages from potential buyers. Either click on the question or the reply button to open the chat with that buyer and respond.

Order Enquiries
When a buyers needs to contact you after placing an order they should contact you through an order enquiry. This is linked directly to the order number. There will be occasions where they use the question board but the majority should come this way. This is where you can answer any questions, resolve any issues and if necessary offer a replacement or refund. If admin have to get involved to resolve any issues, all communication will be reviewed to help determine the outcome. If you need to offer a refund then this is done through the order tab.