Overriding Store Default Shipping at a Product Level

Override Store’s Default Shipping at a Product Level It is important to set your stores default shipping in the settings in your dashboard.  For some sellers there is a need to change the shipping cost of products at a product level.  For example if you sell mostly handmade cards and charge £2 postage, then start […]

Featured Products

Featured Products At Craft Village we don’t agree with featuring one seller above another, or sponsored listings. Your products will never feature on someone else’s store page.  You can choose up to 6 products that you want to feature within your own store. Every time anyone clicks on one of your products they will see […]

Changing products display order

Changing the order that your products are displayed. Visitors to your store can choose to sort your products in various ways by a dropdown box to see them in order of popularity, price, most recent, rating. The default order is the order that is shown initially to the customer. You can set this order yourself […]

Adding your store’s shipping settings

Adding your store’s shipping settings In your seller dashboard in the settings tab, you will see settings for shipping. It is really important that these are set. Failing to set up shipping correctly will confuse buyers and could lose sales. By default – free shipping is an option which may not be something you would […]

Changing Draft Products to Published

Publishing a Draft Product If you have saved a product as draft status and are now ready to publish it, you need to go to your list of products in your seller dashboard.  Select the one/ or ones that you are ready to publish. Click Bulk Edit Change status to published and update. If working […]


Craft Village aims to support you in your online selling. But there is so much more to your membership that just an online shop – you have joined a fun selling community, and we hope you will make the most of your membership by getting involved. FACEBOOK You will be given the opportunity to join your […]

Communicating with a Buyer

Your buyer will automatically be sent an email when you change the status of the order from processing to completed but there may be times when you need to communicate more with your buyer. If you need to send them a message or ask for more information about the order. This is done through order […]

Customising your Store

This is done in the settings tab of your Dashboard Store Slug – is how your store name will appear in your web address Store logo – or photo of your smiling face 🙂 – ideally 125×125 pixels.  Images may not display well in your seller dashboard as they are only compressed thumbnail images. They […]

Vacation Mode

If you need to put your store on vacation, you can put a message at the top of your store and put a hold on sales for a while. You do this through the settings tab in your dashboard

Handling Issues – Refund Policy

How you handle when transactions go wrong is vital to your success as an online seller. We have put policies in place that will protect the rights of the buyer while leaving you free to communicate with the buyer and resolve the situation yourself. As per our terms and conditions, Craft Village manages the payment […]