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This is done in the settings tab of your Dashboard

Store Slug – is how your store name will appear in your web address

Store logo – or photo of your smiling face 🙂 – ideally 125×125 pixels. 

Images may not display well in your seller dashboard as they are only compressed thumbnail images. They are displayed in higher resolution in your listing.

Store Banner Image – This displays at the top of your store page and will be used as default for your other store images unless you choose to add them. The ideal dimensions are 1200 x 400 pixels. You can also choose whether to add a mobile banner (400 x 200 pixels) and a store list image (standard landscape).

Shop Description – This will display in your store page ABOUT tab. Tell your sellers about your craft, what you make, about your business, a little about yourself – people will like to buy from someone they feel they know. If your business is VAT registered be sure to include that info here (all VAT needs to be included in the listed price).