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How you handle when transactions go wrong is vital to your success as an online seller. We have put policies in place that will protect the rights of the buyer while leaving you free to communicate with the buyer and resolve the situation yourself.

As per our terms and conditions, Craft Village manages the payment for the sale, but the contract for the sale remains between the seller and the buyer. Payment for the order stays with us until the order is marked completed. Then the funds will be made. available to you. During that time you will see that there is a request refund button next to the order in your Orders tab.

If you need to issue a refund during that time, then you can request it using this button and Craft Village will process it for you. Don’t request a refund until the buyer has returned the item purchased.  After your money has been transferred to you, this button is no longer available. If a problem arises and you need to issue a refund after this time you will need to organise that payment as per our terms and conditions. If a customer feels they haven’t been fairly dealt with, they will either 

A – communicate that to us by opening a case
B – claim a chargeback from PayPal

If the buyer claims a chargeback through PayPal and the decision is in favour of the buyer you will be invoiced for any payment and associated fees by Craft Village. This will need to be paid if you want to continue selling.

If a buyer opens a case or PayPal approves a chargeback, this may affect your membership so please make sure you fully understand our policy which protects the customers’ legal rights before you start selling.

Read Craft Village Refund Policy