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When an order is received you will get an email notification and it will appear in the orders tab of your dashboard that can be accessed through the account page on the website.

Explaining order status

  • Pending and on hold – Occasionally orders are received but the buyer’s payment takes a while to come through – for various reasons. Payment could fail so its important to wait until payment has been received and these orders are marked as processing before fulfilling any orders with these statuses. 
  • Processing – Ready for you to start processing. Please complete the order in the time you state in the product listing. If you will have delays, let your buyer know. Remember that Craft Village operates on a review system and customer service is highly important for future sales.
  • Completed – order fulfilled and complete – no further action required.
  • Refunded – you requested a refund and the refund has been completed by admin – no further action required

Next to each order you will see three icon buttons. You use these to

  • Mark the order as complete – only when you have finished the order and it has been collected, delivered or shipped to your customer. The customer will get an email notification.
  • View the order in more detail
  • Request that admin issue a refund.

When you view the order in more detail you will see all the information you need to fulfil your order. Don’t forget to mark your order as complete when you have sent it to the buyer. They will receive an email that the order is complete. Your funds become available to you 14 days after you complete the order, so this is an important step to remember. 

You can change the order status on the order detail page by toggling from processing to complete and clicking UPDATE

Further down the order detail page you can add notes to the order. These can be private notes to yourself about the order – things you need to remember, or a note to the seller (using the toggle button). Its a great way to let your buyer know their order is ready, or keep them updated. This is one way communication and the buyer will receive it via a Craft Village email. Any communication from a buyer will appear in your question board or in the order enquiries tab.