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Changing the order that your products are displayed.

Visitors to your store can choose to sort your products in various ways by a dropdown box to see them in order of popularity, price, most recent, rating.

The default order is the order that is shown initially to the customer. You can set this order yourself to display the products you want to feature higher up on the page. If you don’t set an order then your products will initially display in alphabetical order.


The position of a product on your store page is set in the advanced tab of a product listing. Here you can set a number to say which position the product will place on the page. The lower the number, the higher on the page.

If you want to custom sort every product, you can. If you simply want to move a few select items to the top of the list, there is an easy way to do that.

Each product has a default value of 0. You can enter a negative number in the Product Display Position field. By using a negative number, the item will have a lower value than the default “0” and therefore will show above all the other items.

If you want group certain products together and have them listed alphabetically within that ‘group’, just use the same number value for those in that group.