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This is where you will manage your online shop. You can visit it on your mobile and make changes, but it is a lot easier to manage and set up your shop on your computer. Any time you get stuck, you can get helpful tips by hovering over buttons or blue question marks in the dashboard.

These are the tabs on the Dashboard

Top Bar
In the top right corner you can find 

  • The Notification Board 
  • Your Question Board – where you will find any questions sent about your shop or products
  • Announcements – news sent out by Craft Village Admin
  • Your Profile – where you can edit your profile information and manage your Craft Village membership

Here you can quickly view your shops performance and any notifications. 

In this tab you will manage the products you are selling. You can add new products, edit existing products and delete products.

In the orders tab you can see and manage any orders you receive.  

Order Enquiries
Here you will see and respond to any questions your customers have about current orders.

Here you can manage any refund requests.

This is where you can manage your shops settings and shippping. Its important to get this all set up before adding any products.

Here you will see the payments you receive from Craft Village for your orders.

Ledger Book
Keep a track of all your Craft Village transactions.

Read detailed sales reports here.

A list of Craft Village customers who have found you, love your products and have chosen to follow your shop.